Lost In Translation


Yesterday I travelled from München to Tübingen. Here I will stay with my friend Alisa until I start university next week. Alisa had to go to work today, so I decided to make my way to the city by myself. If you asked me what Ii did it would sound boring, I got money from the bank, a sim for my phone, but it was actually a lot more interesting than your average day of errands.
When I left home I felt confident, I had a list of instructions and directions to make sure that I did not get lost but none of these ended up to be true. I got on the train and with my instructions to get off at the third stop, the Tübingen Hauptbahnhof. I was watching out the window, we had not stopped but as people were getting off the train I noticed the stations sign, we were at my stop! I rushed out of the train only just making it on time before the doors shut. That was close, I had no idea where I would have ended up.
Once I got out of the station I followed my map precisely as I headed for the bank only to find myself, 15 minutes later standing on a bridge with no bank in sight. Google was so wrong! And my precise instructions were ending up to be completely useless. I started to panic hoping that I would be able to find my way. My phone was not working, I could not contact Alisa and all the German I did know seemed to leave my brain instantaneously. I started to walk back from where I had come from in the hope that I had just not seen it as I walked past but it was nowhere in sight. I knew I had to ask someone where to go and I was so scared. I was lucky enough to find myself in a shop with the most helpful people who gave me new map with very exact directions, I was on the wrong end of town and I did not want to get lost again!
Once I finally made it to the bank I was so happy until I remembered that the ATM’s were in German. I put my card in and it asked me a question, I was only given two choices so pushed one only to have my card rejected. I tried this again and again wondering why it was not working until finally an American women came in and saw me struggling. I was using the wrong type of machine, this was not an ATM.
I think it took me almost 1 hour from the time I got off the train to the time I got my money, it then took me only ten minutes to get back to the station. It is safe to say that I struggled today with the language barrier but I felt so proud of myself when I made it back home.

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