Beautiful City


Today I learnt that the shops do not open in Germany on a Sunday. I am not sure why I did not know this, my sister used to live here and so do two of my friends but still I had no idea. This meant that today was my last day in Tübingen where the shops will be open and that I had a lot to learn.


When we first got to the city we walked for a long time, with Alisa showing me all the different places around the city that I had not seen yesterday. There streets all curve and so I felt very disorientated, very quickly, but the city was even more beautiful today. The sun was out and the old buildings looked amazing. Alisa tells me that Tübingen is one of the few cities that was not damaged by the war, and so instead of building new buildings they are just renovated all of them. They all look so old on the outside but then you walk inside and it is like you are standing a building on built last year.


As we looked around the city we knew that I was meant to be in the search of boots. I had to leave both of my pairs at home because of weight limits and I was regretting it. It is cold! But of course as the true shopper I am, i got distracted, by clothes. I do not know how many clothes I found that I would’ve loved to buy but luckily I kept remembering that my suitcases were full and I would have no way to get the back to München. In the end I think I was very good, only buying one skirt and one small handbag. I never ended up finding boots I think i forgot why we had come into town in the first place but there is always next week.


We then sat on the steps in the centre of the city and ate lunch while watching a German busker. She kept dropping her things while she juggled and then she still lit them on fire! I was so worried that she was going to start a fire.


Next we headed to the supermarket, on our way we saw his building, Alisa tells me that it is nightclub and that all of the writing on it is about how they hate the government. Once at the supermarket Alisa told me where I could find all of my favourite foods and drinks. On the way home she quizzed me on how I would asked where to find them in German but it got very confusing. The thing you need to know about the German language it that they have three different ways to say ‘the’ and sometimes even Germans are not sure what one to use.

I am about to go to sleep now, it is only 8pm. I think it is safe to say that I have jetlag but hopefully tomorrow I will be better.



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