Into The Cold

As i write this it is actually Tuesday morning and I feel like Monday lasted a whole week. I started the day by leaving Alisa and Tübingen and heading on the bus to München. It was sad to leave Alisa and it really made it hit home that I was really in Germany. Before now I have had Alisa to translate for me and when I have been with her and her flatmate it has felt more like visiting a friend in another city, not on the other side of the world.

The bus trip took 3 hours, following the Autobahn for most of it, meaning that my view was just paddocks full of snow for most of the way. When I got to München my “buddy” given to me by the university met me and helped me to find my flat and how to use the transport system. They have three types of public transport here, the underground, the tram and the bus, luckily they have an app so that you know what to take and where to get off so hopefully i won’t get lost.

It is a lot colder here, Alisa tells me this is because we are higher here in München. I just find it disappointing because it keeps snowing but not settling on the ground. If i have to put up with freezing cold weather I wish we could at least have the snow to play with.


After I had settled into my flat I headed into town for the first time to meet the two boys that are also on exchange here from my home university. We drank beer and ate pretzels and it made me feel a lot better about being so far away from home to be with people from home, even if I had technically just met them. We did take photos but of course none on my phone, the boys say they will send them to me but knowing the male species that could be awhile away so please imagine a beautiful photo in typical German local pub below.

Today will be a quiet day, grocery shopping and boring stuff like that is on my list. I have my first day of Orientation tomorrow so I need to work out how I actually get there. Hopefully I’m not late because I have already learnt that “ish” is not in there vocabulary.


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