Jiro Dreams Of Sushi


Since arriving in München my diet has been very easy to describe, bread, cheese, meat and beer and it has been delicious but for every meal it gets a bit much very quickly, today however this changed, we found sushi.

When we left uni we were on a mission, we all wanted it, we just didn’t know where to find it and WOW it was amazing. For €11 (around $15 NZ) we had unlimited Sushi and it is safe to say we ate way too much and then we kept on eating. I think this may become a favourite spot in the city.

After lunch we continued exploring the city, every time we explore around the same part of the city we still find new things to do and see, it is like a maze of streets that only the true locals can really find their way around.

Then we then headed off to our second get together, this one was organised by a group of buddies so was a lot smaller but still heaps of fun. Again I forgot to take any photos on my phone so imagine a group of people in a “we are so tourists” photo.

It is an early night for all tonight with the promise of an early wake up tomorrow for our trip to Salzburg but I can easily say that today was a great day.


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