The Sound Of Music

Our Saturday started with a very early start as we headed on the underground towards the train station. Today we were going to Salzburg, Austria, the home of Mozart and The Sound of Music on our first exchange student field trip.

My first shock of the day was sneans, and not just sneans but also sneakers with tights? I don’t even know what that’s called but its super weird.  Apparently the dreaded sneans in NZ is a popular and practical trend in Europe with the majority of our group wearing them without even realising that to me they were committing a major fashion crime.

When we arrived in Salzburg we posed for a massive group photo, as you can tell it was pretty cold but the sun was out and the sky was blue so we were certain that today was going to be a great day.

After our group photo we all set off to explore the city. Here is one of many “tourist” photos taken on our walk. This photo is taken at one of the many filming locations around Salzburg for The Sound of Music. After walking through the gardens, we headed off to the centre of town being captured into buying way too much food from the market stalls as we walked. I swear I am going to get so fat while I am here. The food is just too good and when it’s so cold there seems like no better plan then to start eating your weight in comfort food.

After a while we found some horses in the street and Sandra lit up. She was so excited and we spent about ten minutes there while she patted them. They were super cute so I didn’t mind and they seemed so happy to have some love.

I think that Salzburg has a strong French influence, the most obvious similarity being this padlock fence. A lot of them have beautiful messages and dates engraved into them and it looks even more beautiful in person having all the colour on an otherwise boring and typical bridge.

Later in the day we visited the Salzburg Catherdral in the centre of the city square. With a donation you could enter to take photos and have a look around but as we all entered we realised that people were in there praying and it felt very uncomfortable.

The Cathedral was first built in 767 but since then it has been damaged by two fires so there has been many renovations done throughout the centuries. Being in there was breath taking, no two sections were the same and the detail was incredible.

On the sides they have these small organs but along the back they also had a huge one that was almost as wide as the building. I think if they were to play on it the whole city would be able to hear it.

As the day started to draw to the end we walked up to the hill to look over the city. The view was amazing and it really became clear how big the buildings in the city were.

We sat there for a long time, thinking about how lucky we were to be here and enjoying the heat from the sun. I have only been without the sun for a week max, but my Swedish friends tell me that during winter in their town they can have less than one hour of daylight and if it’s cloudy then they just stay in darkness for 24 hours. I can’t imagine living like that. In NZ it gets dark at 5pm and we all complain.


Our last stop of the day before we headed back to the train was gelato. It felt pretty ridiculous to be eating something so cold while we were all wearing thermal clothes and jackets but it was so delicious.

I think I will definitely try to come back here while I am in Munich, it is only 1.5 hours away and it was so relaxing to be out of the busy city life. Until next time Salzburg, Auf Wiedersehen.


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