Life Of a King


Today we went on our second exchange student field trip, travelling towards the Mountains to the town of Fussen where we would visit the Neuschwanstein Castle, the home of the ‘Fairy Tale King,’ King Ludwig II. When we arrived it was definitely a shock to the system. It was so cold and considering that it is meant to be 1 month into spring here there was a lot of snow still around.


The lake was still completely frozen over. A few people even when out on the lake and jumped on it to see how solid it was, luckily for them in did not break.


After a short walk around the small town we took a short walk uphill, towards the castle. The closer we got the more beauty it revealed. 6tag_150315-122935The Neuschwanstein Castle was designed and owned by King Ludwig II after he decided that he no longer wanted to live with his parents in their near by castle. It took over 20 years to be built and was made using only the best materials. This caused a lot of strife within the royal family as they were worried that his expensive taste would bankrupt the entire family. 6tag_150315-122825

After the long wait King Ludwig II finally moved in however only 6 weeks later, King Ludwig II was found dead in the woods. Even now there has been no conclusion made on how he died however many speculate that he family had him killed in order to gain control of the family money and stop his spending spree. This theory is fueled by his families attitudes after he died as they opened the castle for tours only seven weeks after he died.


Inside the Castle it was clear to see why the build took so long. Every wall, floor and ceiling was painted with precision with different stories being depicted in every room.


There were huge chandeliers in almost every room and no surface was left blank.


On our tour we visited the Kings Apartment. Normally in this room of a castle you would find the King’s Throne, however because he died before it was finished being built it was never placed within this Castle.

After visiting the castle we headed down the road to the Pilgrimage Church of Wies which lies in the outskirts of the town of Steingaden. The church was designed and built after locals witnessed a wooden sculpture of Jesus cry human tears. The build began in 1745 and took 9 years to complete.

The church was designed with a Bavarian Rococo style and all the sculpture and paintings are still in there original state as they were almost 300 years ago. The painting on the ceiling depicts the day of rapture where God will open the gates to heaven and all will be judged on whether they are worthy to enter.


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