The Ski Trip


Today I went skiing for the first time in almost 10 years and it was a lot harder than I remembered. The day started with a 5am start and a three hour bus ride towards the alps that lie on the border between Austria and Germany. Today we would be skiing in two countries in one day.

We started the day by accidently following my Swedish friends who bosted themselves as beginners and ending up on the black line right at the top of the mountain. This is when I realised a New Zealand beginner and a Swedish beginner are not the same thing. It was not long before the low visability and the large group of people made me panic so much that I decided the best option was for me to throw myself to the ground.

Soon after I found myself some other terrified people and we all headed down the mountain to a more suitable slope. I think we made a very good choice, down the mountain there were only five other people on our slope and instead of not being able to see anything, we spent all but one hour with no rain or snow.


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