21 and Over


My 21st Birthday began with an early morning start and off to class but as soon as classes were over we all headed down to our local Irish Pub for another night of karaoke. With my birthday being on a Tuesday I was skeptical if many people would show up but I had forgotten one important thing, exchange students never think about what day it is, so this wouldn’t be a problem.


With the tradition of 21 shots looming over my head I started on the journey of what would inevitably leave me feeling quite ill in the morning, and with different people buying shots for me, the mix of vodka, tequila, jäger and whiskey left me feeling queasy at the sight of even water.


As more people arrived we started to overwhelm the whole pub, with there many only a few people in the whole pub that we didn’t know, which always leads to a good night. We stayed at the pub until closing and it was a great night. It was nothing like I would have ever dreamed my 21st being a year ago but  I spent it with my amazing new friends, being sung happy birthday in four different languages throughout the day and I think it will definitely be a birthday that I remember in years to come.



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