Welcome to Sweden


After a early morning and a short flight I had arrived in Stockholm, greeted by Klas and the cute little Lucas we headed to the city for some exploration and a delicious lunch with a unbelievable view over the city and the ocean, a sight I had missed since leaving New Zealand


Our next stop was the old city with its narrow passages, this part of the city remains unchange since it was first built, and although even on a sunny day the apartments get little sun, this is one of the more expensive places to live in the city.


As we continued walking through the city and near the royals home, we were treated to a performance by the royal marching band, the first part of the Swedish culture I had been exposed since arriving.

6tag_070515-105456Day two brought a public holiday and more typical Swedish weather, with rain and wintery tempuratures on there way, So after a morning of catching up on all the gossip with my cousin we set off to the local garden centre for Fika – afternoon tea and a long walk around the royal gardens and waterfront near by. I never realized how similar Sweden looked to New Zealand, and being around a place that feels like home with family has definitely made me feel more homesick rather than less.

My third day was spent in a way any Quirke girl would approve – child free and full of shopping, coffee, yummy food and of course some wine to finish the day. With the temperature at about 2 degrees we managed to spend about 13 hours in the city central having a much needed ‘non-student’ day.


As my final day arrived Jac’s and I were feeling a much needed sleep in, but we pushed ourselves out of bed and found that even though it was still super cold, the weather god’s had given me one last sunny day before I bid this gorgeous country goodbye.


Off we set for the city central visiting the royal gardens and celebrating the afternoon as all Swedish seem to do – with fika and I couldn’t think of any better way to spend it. We sat for hours, soaking up the vitamin D that we had all been lacking and wishing that tomorrow didn’t have to come so soon.


This has definitely been a highlight of my time away, their is something so special about being able to see family when you are away from your normal life. I think its safe to say I will be back very soon – even if it is just because I run out of candy!



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