The Student Of Prague


Our weekend started on Thursday morning with an early start and a lot of caffeine as we began our journey to Prague for the Ice Hockey World Championship. Only five hours by bus it was an easy journey but as we crossed the border into the Czech Republic it was very obvious that we weren’t in Germany any more. The small towns were in obvious poverty and road rules not seem to apply as we watched a truck driver reading a news paper and eating while he drove on the motorway. Just as we were about to worry about what we had gotten ourselves into we arrived into a pocket of beauty, Prague and we soon realized that we couldn’t have come anywhere better. After spending months in München where everything is known to be expensive we had stumbled into a students paradise, our cheap hostel turned out to be a hotel and you could eat a meal out for less that the price of fast food. We knew right away that this would be a good weekend.


We spent our first evening in Prague at the Ice Hockey watching Sweden vs. Germany, this would be my first time ever seeing Ice Hockey and I had been promised that this would be a great game. Of course you may be wondering why I am not cheering for Germany, the country where I live, but the long story short is I have become friends with some crazy Scandinavians and I was not going to cheer for the ‘wrong’ team.  

Filled with excitement we arrived at the arena way to early but as we drunk our 1 Euro beers and watched the arena fill, the anticipation grew, for the Swede’s this game would say whether or not they made it to the next round.


The game was unreal to watch and the scores were always so close right from the start. by the end of the game even though I wanted Sweden to win, I hoped in those last few minutes that Germany would score just to push the game into over time. Ice Hockey is definitely my new favourite sport.


We spent our next day sightseeing around the city, as well as doing some much needed shopping, feeling a whole lot better about it with our new currency.


As always we stopped to spend some time with the horses (saying the Sandra loves horses would be an understatement) and as we ate gelato and basked in the heat from the sun in the centre square we knew that we would remember this weekend for years to come.


Later that night we decided to celebrate our last night in Prague, so we headed out to an amazing restaurant overlooking the square. We sat in the sun eating and drinking far to much and appreciating the fact that for the first time in a long time we felt like adults instead of poor students and we knew that Prague was definitely somewhere we wanted to come again.



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