Where Eagles Dare


After very little planning, ten of my closest friends and I rented two cars and headed out of Munich. Our destination, the Eagles Nest, a once iconic symbol of the war. The building, now a simple restaurant and gift store was originally a gift to Adolf Hitler from his party to celebrate his 50th birthday. Only accessible by a narrow road, followed by a walk through a tunnel and a 2 minute ride in a brass elevator found deep within the mountain the Eagles Nest was seen as a prestigious gift. After a bid from the Governor, the Eagles Nest was not bombed as many other buildings were and it has now become a scenic retreat boasting views of both Germany and Austria.


With a warm 22 degrees at ground level it was a surprise to us all when we arrived at the top of the mountain to find snow and ice still covered the entire ground – although this is something we probably would have known had we actually done some research before booking our spontaneous day trip.


After enjoying the view from the top we headed down to the local town and the Kings Lake. Enjoying a long walk and the amazing views that awaited us, This too reminded me of home.


As the day came to a end and we began our walk back to the cars and few braved the ice cold water for a quick snap however there is always one and this time it was our token Aussie, jumping in a cliff edge (and giving us all panic attacks) for a quick wake up swim before the drive home.



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