After a short flight and an even shorter train trip towards the city, I was quickly within the heart of Paris and preparing to be reunited with my wonderful sister; Anna and her husband; Glen. This would be the first time I had seen them in almost 8 months and to be honest I was more excited about seeing them then I was about being in France. After being reunited we settled in to our hotel room for a girls night in with a cheeky (and probably sinful) combo of McDonalds – completely forgetting about the city that lay outside.


As the sun rose in the morning, it was quickly obvious that today was going to be a very hot day but we pulled ourselves together and started our walk around the city. With Glen at a conference all day, Anna and I would be left to our own devices and lets be honest, we were not in the mood for those long lines to visit the normal Paris things. Instead we headed in the Gardens in the centre of the city and ate baguettes while soaking up the sun and watching the Parisians go about there daily lives.

As the day become hotter and we became less motivated we continued our walk around the city, looking in beautiful shops in which I could never afford to buy anything and feeling overwhelmed as we watched the Parisian women walk effortlessly down the street in high heels while we could barely walk.

We spent our second day together doing much of the same, the two of us eating chocolate croissants and dodging the sun this time going into shops we could actually afford to be and doing some much needed retail therapy.


Our third day saw Glen free to spend the day with us and therefore became the most productive day of our trip – as anyone who knows any women in my family will know, when it comes to travelling, us Quirke women often forget that there is more to a new city than the local shops and cafes.

Our day started with a visit to the Shakespeare and Company book store and library on Paris’ Left bank and after admiring the beauty of the old and timeless store and the books it held within it, we headed towards the Notre Dame.

As the tempurature grew to a smoulding 40 degrees we enjoyed a lunch of pastries and baguettes in the gardens behind the Notre Dame before setting off on a quest for air conditioning.


After a long walk and a cheeky gelato we found ourselves at Pompidou, one of the largest and most important modern art museums in Europe. With a plane to catch in just a few hours it was an unfortunately short tour but it was inspirational to be around such fantastic pieces of art and have such a beautiful view over the city. With a sad goodbye I waved as I entered the underground, hoping that it wouldn’t be too long until I would see my sister again.



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