An Education


Although it seems impossible, I am actually here on a university exchange, which means I actually do work… sometimes. And as the day of my final presentation for my major project approached I was nervous that with all the distractions in my life I would not be able to complete something to the standard of my classmates – all of which were German.

But as I nervously prepared to make my presentation, i knew that I was proud of what I had created. With the project surrounding the topic of coping we were given a open brief, where we could create anything from a poster to a book shelf, whatever took our interest. With only one thing being on my mind 4 months ago when I began this project, i naturally looked to my exchange for inspiration and decided to create a magazine full of the stories and photos of both my peers and myself, giving my project the extra meaning of being a memento to keep in the years to come.

Here are a few pages from my completed project.






And here are a couple of other projects from my class.


My close friend created this system of interlocking panels each with a feature ideal to helping flatmates cope with living together. From knowing who’s cooking dinner, to knowing where to find a rubber band there is a solution for everything, in the hope that it will eliminate flatmate conflict.


Another favourite was this assortment of desk gadgets. With technology becoming increasingly distracting my classmate created products to contain the distraction, including a clock with a a panel that covers the time and a case for your phone that will stop your phone from receiving signal or wifi.

Today marks the start of my summer holidays and the end of my first semester abroad. I have learnt so much already and I am so glad that I can go into next semester and dedicate myself more to my projects seeing as next time around I won’t have the problem of getting lost on my way to class.


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