the goodbye girl


After weeks of saying goodbye, it was finally time to send the last of my Scandinavian girls home, and with us both feeling low and knowing that sleeping meant getting up at 3am – a time we have been frequently going to bed of late, we decided it was best to make the most of our last day together and pull an all nighter.

6tag_310715-112724We started the night at a small carnival and mini concert in the Olympia Park, enjoying the last night in Muncih and giving Emma a chance to say goodbye to the few remaining exchange students from the summer semester.
After a few beers (and wines) we headed home for a girly movie night with far to much bad food. As the hours past we knew it would soon be time for Emma to leave. Even though I will be visiting her in only 5 weeks, we knew this was the end of an era. 


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