Into The Wild


After a few days in Jyväskylä, together with my Finnish friends we headed to Stockholm where we would meet the rest of our friends. With two cars, eight people and to much alcohol and food to count we headed into the country towards Emma’s summer house, about two hours from Stockholm. There were no shops, no internet and after months in the busy city it was nice to be in such a quiet place.


We spent four nights at the summer house, having bbq’s at the beach, swimming and reminiscing, as though it had been years since we had last been together instead of just a few weeks. We stayed up all night remembering all the fun we had in Munich and I tried to convince them that the long and expensive trip to New Zealand would be worth it, in the hope that they would come visit me when I returned home. As the sun started to rise we all sat on the rocks on the sea’s edge and watched the sun rising in the distance. These were the people that had been my family for the past 6 months and it was sad to think that they would not be returning to Munich with me.



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